October 29, 2010 at 6:30 AM to October 30, 2010 at 6:15 PM


City Centre Baptist Church

Reclaiming a Biblical Vision of the Family

The Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity (EICC) is pleased to announce the first in its "How Then Shall We Answer?" conference series.  The theme of the event is to be: "Reclaiming a Biblical Vision of the Family."

The health and vitality of the family as God’s most basic institution is critical to the life, strength, and influence of the church. The importance of this simply cannot be overstated as what shapes and defines any society is the character and faith of the family within that society. This is well understood by those who would oppose the Christian faith and explains why the Biblical view of family is under such pressure. To discredit the Biblical view of family is the surest way to weaken the culture shaping influence of the Christian faith.

We believe that all Christians can and should affirm that central to a Christian future of righteousness and liberty through Godly transformation is the development and the empower-ment of the Christian family.

Topics to be covered during the conference are intended to both inform and equip. They include the following: an understanding of the family in the context of God’s sovereignty and social design, the family’s calling under the Great Commission; the family’s history in Canada, bioethical issues such as genetic engineering, the Law of God and civil law, and the role of the State according to the Bible.

We hope you will make plans to join us. As Christians unite around these foundational issues, God’s Kingdom is advanced, non-believing strongholds are dismantled, and multi-generational blessings which are covenantally promised in the Fifth Commandment, Honor your father and your mother, are reclaimed.

We look forward to seeing you! Please visit our website, www.ezrainstitute.ca, for more information and to register.

-Joe Boot, Founder, EICC

Joe Boot

Founder, EICC, Toronto, Ontario

Joe Boot is an apologist, educator, author and senior pastor of Westminster Chapel in Toronto. He served with Ravi Zacharias for seven years as an apologist in the U.K. and Canada. He has spoken all over the world in over 25 countries in numerous universities, seminaries, churches, colleges and conferences. Joe is the founder of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity in Toronto.

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

Scientist with CMI Australia

Jonathan Sarfati holds degrees in math, physics, and chemistry. He is co-editor of Creation magazine, author of several books, and also writes and reviews articles for the Journal of Creation. Dr. Sarfati is a former New Zealand Chess Champion, participating in three Chess Olympiads. He regularly accepts challenges to play chess blindfolded with multiple players.

Dr. Dennis Ngien

Professor of Systematic Theology, Tyndale Seminary

Dr. Ngien has been teaching at Tyndale Seminary since 1995. He has also taught at the Toronto School of Theology, McMaster Divinity College and several seminaries abroad. He is the author of The Suffering of God according to Martin Luther's Theologia Crucis (1995; reprint 2003 and 2005); Apologetic for Filioque in Medieval Theology (2005); Luther as a Spiritual Adviser: The Interface of Theology and Piety in Luther's Devotional Writings (2007); A Faith Worth Believing, Living and Commending (2008); Gifted Response: The Triune God as the Causative Agency of Our Responsive Worship (2008). His articles appear in journals such as International Journal of Systematic Theology, Christianity Today, Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology, Evangelical Review of Theology, Themelios, Heythrop Journal, etc. He runs his Centre for Mentorship and Theological Reflection in Toronto, mentoring pastors and church leaders and assisting churches in advisory and teaching capacities.

Dr. William Gairdner

Author, Social Critic, Canada

Bill Gairdner is a former Olympic athlete and professor of English, and the bestselling author of seven books, including The Trouble with Canada, The War Against the Family, and Canada’s Founding Debates (managing editor). Although he is not an Evangelical, Bill is widely recognized as a man of deep experience, searing insight, and one of the most powerful pro-family voices in Canada today.

Dr. Emil Silvestru

Scientist with CMI Canada

Emil Silvestru earned his PhD in the formerly communist country of Romania, having seen first-hand the results of socialist ideology. An authority on global geology and climate, he has written one book, published over 41 scientific papers, and co-authored two books. In January 2002 he immigrated to Canada with his family and now works full-time for CMI Canada as a researcher, writer and speaker.

Dr. Scott Masson

Fellow EICC, Toronto, Ontario

Scott Masson studied in Canada and Germany, and has earned his PhD at the University of Durham, England.  Grounded in the Classics, he has published books and articles on the crises in the humanities and modern hermeneutics, and teaches courses ranging from Homer to C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein.  He is an Associate Professor of English Literature at Tyndale University College and Associate Pastor at Westminster Chapel.