Thank you for your interest in the work of The Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

Service and Support

We value your partnership in our mission to recover a distinctly Christian system of thought and action for God’s Covenant people.  Find out how you can help.

Training and Resourcing Activities

The activities of the EICC are designed to equip both ministry leaders and thoughtful Christians with biblically faithful scholarship and practical applications of the Lordship of Christ over all of life.

Podcasts and Resource Feeds

One of the best ways to get connected to our teaching resources is to subscribe to EICC's resource feeds, which provide you with timely notifications as new journals, articles, sermons, lectures, debates and other resources are published.

Research and Writing

The EICC periodically publishes a journal called Jubilee which seeks to equip, train and resource believers for credible Christian engagement with today’s cultural, religious and philosophical challenges.  Subscribe or read Jubilee online.  

We also provide a collection of scholarly, yet accessible topical articles to assist both ministry leaders and the lay apologist.

Conferences and Seminars

From time to time the EICC sponsors, co-sponsors or otherwise participates in conferences whose focus is on the advancement of a distinctly evangelical Christian Faith. The EICC’s own worldview conferences operate under the banner, “Mission of God,” and are held in partnership with local churches whose vision for the advancement of the Gospel would be in harmony with that of the EICC.  Conferences.  Leadership Roundtables.  Speaking Calendar.

Biblical Preaching

In partnership with Westminster Chapel in Toronto, the Ezra Institute hosts a library of practical expositional preaching which exalts the kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ and the authority of his Word.  English Sermons and translated Spanish Sermons.

Debates and Interviews

As an aspect of defending the Lordship of Christ for all areas of life, scholars and fellows of the Ezra Institute regularly participate in public debates and interviews.