Christian Legal Institute


Law has been called a back-stage pass to doing theology because of what lies at its foundations. Besides being a formative area of culture, law is a value-processing system. In other words, to find out what a society values most, observe what it protects and sanctions with its law structure. From marriage, sexuality and family to issues of life, freedom, and the nature of what it means to be human, the laws that govern Western society are increasingly turning in an unjust and anti-Christian direction.

The Christian Legal Institute, as a collaboration between the EICC and the Christian Legal Fellowship, is a week of intensive training for law students and young legal professionals to be transformed in their thinking about the roots of justice, the function of law in society and the implications of the gospel for social order. Students leave equipped to faithfully address the issues facing our culture, articulate a robust biblical worldview, and to advance the public good by God-honouring involvement in law and public life.

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