Faith & Farm Camp

All of our life and our work is meant to be done as an act of worship and service to our King.

This summer, experience the world through new eyes - and arms - on the Ezra Farmstead with a week of hands-on environmental stewardship. Practice the fundamentals of permaculture farming and creation care, food production and conservation, including outdoor activities such as:

· Planting & Harvesting
· Bird Watching
· Gardening
· Wildlife Observation & Identification
· Pond Studies
· Forestry Maintenance

Discover a holistic view of work with foundational training in Christian worldview, including what God's Word has to say about our vocations, the environment, the home, and the family. Special activities include sports, campfires, a movie night and a Harvest Hoedown!

Teens ages 14-19 will learn from leading practitioners and scholars about the biblical vision for our relationship with, and responsibility toward, the created order to tend and keep it. God delights in and made us to work!

Grab your work boots and gloves and join us in 2021!


The dates for next summer will be:

July 18-23

The total fee for the program is $749

Have you attended Faith & Farm or Worldview Leadership Camp? Bring a friend who is new and you will both save $50 on your registration!

Do you enjoy working with youth? Why not be a mentor at the Faith & Farm Camp!