Mission of God Conference

Love Thy Body: A Conference on Humanity, Sexuality, Art and God

God declared everything He had made to be “very good” – including our physical bodies. Contrary to some of the earliest and most persistent heresies, what we do in and with our bodies matters to God; how we think about our bodies has implications for how we think about some of the key cultural issues of our generation – hookup culture, homosexuality, euthanasia, abortion, transgenderism, transhumanism, and more.

Two opposing worldviews are at play surrounding these issues, and the difference between godly and ungodly thinking is sharply reflected – and widely distributed – in the arts and media. What role do the arts play as we seek to engage the culture around us with the gospel of Jesus? How do we contend for the Christian worldview against a pervasive secularism as exhibited in arts and entertainment?

On June 1, join special guest speaker and author Nancy Pearcey and EICC Founder Joe Boot for a one-day conference to learn about the theology of the human person in all its marvel and mystery, and the impact this has on the arts that we create in our position of created, image-bearers.

Love Thy Body Schedule
  • Registration and Refreshments
  • Welcome and Music
  • Introductory Address – Joe Boot
  • Lecture 1 – Nancy Pearcey
  • Q & A
  • Lunch
  • Lecture 2 – Nancy Pearcey
  • Break
  • Lecture 3 – Joe Boot
  • Q&A
  • BBQ Dinner

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Cost for lunch, dinner, and drinks is included in the registration fee.

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