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"The most fundamental and urgent battle of our time…is a struggle for the religious direction of human society in its totality. The battle of our time is to determine which spirit is to possess our hearts and give direction to our civilization."

—H. Evan Runner

The dates for the Runner Academy are July 5-18, 2020. The cost for the Runner Academy is $1750.

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The H. Evan Runner International Academy for Cultural Leadership is a two-week summer residential training program, beginning in 2019, hosted by the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and co-sponsored by truthXchange and the Center for Cultural Leadership. The Runner Academy seeks to equip the next generation of Christian cultural leaders to understand their own lives and cultural moment through the lens of God’s eternal Word. Delegates will learn about the implications of that Word for every aspect of life, and their calling as God’s people to create and cultivate true, godly culture in the public space.

 The Academy seeks to do this by providing comprehensive biblical/cultural worldview training in the survey of Western heritage, the relationship of Christ to culture, the relevance of scriptural law and biblical principles, the nature of being human in terms of the gospel, and the true art of freedom.

 In the face of radical secularism, resurgent Islam and proliferating pagan spirituality, our rich Christian heritage, the wisdom that helped give shape to the Western world, is at risk of being lost – discarded by a prevailing anti-Christian ideology, and abandoned by many Christians – as outdated, oppressive, irrelevant.

At the Academy, we are seeking to unveil the state of the nation and offer the tools to retrieve these lost riches of Christian wisdom, to understand the truth, freedom, and beauty of the full scope of the gospel of Jesus, and to provide an environment that stimulates creative discussion for engaging with and shaping culture to the glory of God.


The Runner Academy is hosted at the Ezra Institute’s Centre for Reformational Culture in Grimsby, Ontario.

Situated on 24 beautiful acres of landscaped and forested land on the Niagara Peninsula with fabulous views of Lake Ontario, and the Toronto skyline in the distance, the Centre is the heart and hub of all the activities and programs of the EICC. A Canadian natural heritage area and biosphere reserve, the setting is also an opportunity to better understand a biblical theology of creation, experience a rural farm setting and participate in agricultural and woodland maintenance activities. Our developing organic farming project focuses on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony and rest for the land.

This farmstead provides delegates with everything from a stunning 10,000 volume wood-panelled library and inspiring lecture theatre, to a tennis court, cafeteria, conert/dining hall, and media room. As a place of refreshment, reflection, teaching and training, the EICC Centre is a location in which to be transformed by the renewing of one’s mind.


The next Runner Academy will be offered July 5-18, 2020. The cost for the program is $1750.

The two weeks of the Runner Academy are arranged to provide a solid intellectual foundation, as well as a coherent, real-world application of a biblical worldview.

The first week is a thorough introduction to Christian philosophy and theology, with emphasis on the authority of God’s Word not only for personal life but also for public life, law and culture.

The second week surveys where we are in the West – our cultural legacy and inheritance, and illustrates how the issues introduced in Week 1 are being worked out around us, as well as the role we ourselves have to play as Christian professionals in the development, defense, and promotion of a Christian perspective. The content of lectures focuses on issues of life, liberty, lordship, sexuality, identity, and the rising religious perspectives in the West, particularly paganism, secularism and Islam.

In addition to lecture content provided by faculty, time will be reserved each day for reflection and discussion of application and tactics related to the curriculum. Delegates will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops specific to their occupation.

Students will also have the option to apply to their university or seminary to receive credit towards their degree for participation in the Runner Academy. For these students, a written essay is required, to be submitted within three weeks of the conclusion of the program. The EICC will provide suggested essay topics, reading lists and writing guidelines, as well as all necessary curriculum descriptions for the student to submit to their university.


 Runner Academy faculty members are men and women with a reputation for godliness and academic excellence, as well as insight and experience in the work of cultural transformation. They are pastors and theologians, physicians and educators, authors, media personalities, lawyers, and front-line ministry leaders.


Delegates at the Runner Academy are students and young professionals in fields such as theology, medicine, law, education, and the fine arts. It is in these areas that cultural conflict is most vividly brought to light.

Delegates will live, work, eat, pray, study and discuss the topics together throughout the program. Each day consists of morning prayer and worship, lectures, group discussion, time allocated for gardening and farming on the property, communal meals, free time or leisure activities and space for quiet reading and reflection.

By providing training in a thoroughly biblical worldview, the Runner Academy will help to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders to formulate, articulate and credibly defend a truly scriptural view of life as the sole source of truth, freedom and beauty, shaping the future to the glory of God.


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"The most fundamental and urgent battle of our timeā€¦is a struggle for the religious direction of human society in its totality. The battle of our time is to determine which spirit is to possess our hearts and give direction to our civilization."

—H. Evan Runner