To Give an Answer

Studies show that as many as 70% of Christian students leave the church during their university years. Many professing Christians don’t know why they believe what they believe, even if they’ve grown up in a believing home and are typically ill-equipped to defend the gospel. If you’re a recent high-school graduate or just finishing your first year of post-secondary education, this program is for you. Learn how to critically evaluate and engage with the worldviews you will face as you enter the halls of higher education. Discover how to live as a faithful Christian on campus and overcome the various challenges and trials students face in university life.

Before you set foot on campus this fall, join us for this content-rich program of scripturally-rooted teaching in preparation for higher education. Learn from first-rate apologists and Christian thinkers on what it means to live and study as a faithful Christian student by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The dates for To Give an Answer are August 31 – September 3, 2021. The cost for the program is $499. 

Have you attended the Worldview Leadership Camp? Save $50 on your registration! Bring a friend who is new to To Give an Answer and you will both save $50 on your registration.

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