The Escarpment Lectures


June 15, 2018
7:00 PM 9:35 PM


76 Ridge Road West, Grimsby, ON., L3M 4E7


The EICC will be hosting its first lecture as part of the Escarpment Lectures series at the Centre for Reformational Culture, 76 Ridge Road West, Grimsby, ON. at 7:00PM, featuring Fellow Dr. Peter Jones of truthXchange. Dr. Jones will be speaking on "Carl Jung, Psychology & Jordan Peterson."

Jordan Peterson has been hailed as the Canadian prophet by the media, and seems to be a genuine seeker after truth with an insatiable appetite to put the world together in a coherent worldview. Much of what he says is very "Christian friendly," but his coherence breaks down when he finds inspiration in Carl Jung, one of the most powerful creators of today's post-Christian, neo-pagan culture.

General admission is $15 | Click Here to RSVP