Ezra Press

Ezra press titles are intended to help develop Christian thinking and culture-making, bringing every thought captive to the Lordship of Jesus Christ by applying the eternal truths of Scripture to the particular ideologies of our cultural moment.

We believe that the message of the gospel is cosmic in scope, that every area of creation was corrupted by sin, and is being redeemed and restored in the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

Our authors have reputations for excellent scholarship, faithful ministry, and godly living, and have proven themselves qualified to rightly handle the Word of truth.

Ezra Press releases full-length books, as well as the Cornerstones series of short, focused monographs that serve as an accessible point of entry for thoughtful Christians seeking to develop their understanding of the scope and implications of the gospel.

Recent Titles


The Mission of God is a clarion call for Christians and God's church to awaken and recover a full-orbed gospel and comprehensive faith that recognizes and applies the salvation-victory and lordship of Jesus Christ to all creation: from the family, to education, evangelism, law, church, state and every other sphere.

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How do we faithfully witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in an age that seems to have abandoned any real notion of truth? Joe Boot demonstrates how to effectively present the gospel without compromising on its essential truths, and examines some of the prevailing worldviews that we must understand and contend with in such a post-truth context.

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At root, the Two Kingdoms controversy is a question of how we ought to live in a world that refuses to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord. In The World is Christ's, Willem J. Ouweneel details a number of historical, logical, and exegetical considerations surrounding this question, and helps readers understand that everything we do is an act of worship - the issue is whether our worship is directed towards God or away from him.

 Includes study questions for personal or group discussion.

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