Paideia Press


Paideia Press is the academic and textbook imprint of Ezra Press. In addition to releasing new works of original scholarship, Paideia Press is developing critical editions of classic works of 20th-century Reformed philosophy and theology by such influential authors as Herman Bavinck, H. Evan Runner, Herman Dooyeweerd and others.

The story of the Bible follows an arc of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and finally the Renewal of all things in Jesus Christ. On this model, Paideia Press titles seek to unpack the basic questions of the coherence, unity, and meaning of the cosmos.

Such a wealth of historic scholarship is valuable not only for its own sake, but for the ongoing development of Christian thought, and we look forward to making these titles available to a new generation.

Download free ebook versions of historically significant material from Paideia Press archives: