Canada's Founding Fathers and the Family

October 30, 2010  |  William Gairdner
Canada's Founding Fathers formed a nation based upon the traditional family as a bastion of privacy, privilege, and moral authority.

Christological Love and the Family

October 30, 2010  |  Dennis Ngien

The teleological principle of everything we are and do — be it vocation, service, family relations or friendships — is the love of Christ.

The Family and the Law of God

October 30, 2010  |  Joe Boot
All law, being an expression of someone's morality, is an inescapable concept. Either God's law will define all morality, or man's law will.

The Battle for the Family

October 29, 2010  |  Joe Boot

The struggle for the family today is a question of lordship, of sovereignty, and therefore concerns the kingdom of God.

The Family and Classical Education

October 29, 2010  |  Scott Masson
Knowledge is never neutral. All education is worldview-laden, and therefore Christian parents must be discerning.