Interviews in Colossians


The Beginnings of Restoration

by David Robinson and Joe Boot

April 12, 2017 | Colossians 1:18

The Easter story is the story of the beginning of Christ's promise to make all things new. As the firstborn from among the dead, Jesus is fulfilling the original mandate given to Adam and Eve.


EICC Strategic Mission and Manifesto

by Joe Boot

January 16, 2015 | Colossians 1:15-20

The Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity (EICC) exists for the defense, confirmation and vindication of a biblical cosmology affirming the Lordship of the triune God over all life and thought. The great need of our day for God's church is the recovery of a full-orbed gospel and comprehensive faith that recognizes and applies the salvation-victory and lordship of Jesus Christ to all creation: from the family, to education, evangelism, law, church, state and every other sphere.