Apologetic Mandate

January 1, 2003  |  Joe Boot

The centrality of truth is inescapable. Even when we seek to deny it, we are affirming it.

In Creation

January 1, 2004  |  Joe Boot
How is God revealed in Creation and what do we learn about Him?

Evolution and Scientism

January 1, 2004  |  Joe Boot
Evolutionary naturalism or scienticism is a faith based perspective which relies on several unprovable assumptions. Furthermore, this worldview cannot provide satisfactory explanations for human experience, such as the laws of logic and rationality. Christian faith, far from being blind, is the only sure foundation for knowledge.

Christian Faith and Other Worldviews

January 1, 2004  |  Joe Boot
By contrast to other worldviews, the Christian faith offers truth, hope and life, squarely addressing the condition of mankind.

Glory, Rubbish and the Human Race

January 1, 2004  |  Joe Boot

Christians, above all people, are to be pitied if the message of the Bible is not true and relevant to us today.

A Time to Search

January 1, 2005  |  Joe Boot
When the God of the Bible is the beginning and end, our time takes on significance, meaning, and purpose.

The Apologetics of St. Augustine

January 1, 2005  |  Joe Boot
Resisting the influences of pagan philosophies, Augustine set forth an apologetic based on the supreme authority of God's self-revelation in Scripture

Eternity in His Presence

January 1, 2005  |  Joe Boot

Only the humble and contrite enter the eternal presence of God.

The Book of Origins

January 1, 2005  |  Joe Boot
This lecture explores the importance of Genesis and origins for the Christian worldview.
Scripture: Genesis 1

Hold the Line on Biblical Authority

January 1, 2005  |  Joe Boot
Christians need to maintain a high view of Scripture in order to be able to properly defend and present a consistent Gospel message in our culture.