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Jubilee 2013 Fall - Utopia


The Kerygma of the Kingdom

by Andrew Sandlin

April 2, 2014

The Gospel is not an end in itself but subsists in order to extend the reign of God on earth. The Kingdom is the reign of God by Jesus Christ, and the kerygma is the message that re-orients sinners, restoring them to the proper relationship to the King.


Cultural Marxism & the Geo-Political Order

by Jennifer Forbes

April 2, 2014

Marxist ideology has influenced our contemporary culture, though unnoticed by most. Although it adopts the terminology of human dignity and rights from Christianity, it is antithetical to the Biblical worldview and destructive of God's righteous social order.


Utopia: Always a Dystopian Nightmare

by Andrew Sandlin and Jennifer Forbes and Joe Boot and Scott Masson

September 1, 2013

In the attempt to create paradise on earth, man has rejected God and deified the State.


An Introduction to Utopia

by Joe Boot

September 1, 2013 | Ephesians 1:3-14; Proverbs 16:4

Christianity is irreconcilable with any form of utopian philosophy. Since God is in charge of history, and has revealed the plan of his Kingdom reign, efforts to bring about utopia are acts of rebellion against God