Be Imitators of Christ

By Russ Hiebert/ July 23, 2017

Series  Ephesians: All Things in Christ

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Discipleship

Scripture  Ephesians 4:25-5:2

The power to maintain alignment of our position in Christ with our lives and practices is found in Christ who is the fragrant sacrifice.

Sermon Notes:

  1. As Christians aligning our practice with our calling and position in Christ, we are called to avoid falsehood, satanic practices, stealing, and sins of temper.
  2. We’re to replace these sins with desires for truth, holiness, productive work, and a kind/tender spirit.
  3. In the Lord Jesus we find the power and motivation to sustain that alignment of our lives with our position in Christ.
  4. We’re not to compromise the truth to get ahead. In our business practices we need to provide the unvarnished truth, even if it means losing the deal.
  5. There is a time to be angry, e.g., when pastors compromise the truth; when the government funds abortion in the name of poverty relief; when God’s Word is neglected.
  6. However, our righteous indignation should not lead to railing against those in authority. We need to renew our minds in the Scripture so we do not become bitter.
  7. In our marriages we must confront conflicts early and get counseling as necessary so that Satan does not get a foothold.
  8. We’re to be busy and productive, serving the needs of others. Instead of stealing, we’re to earn extra to share generously.  We experience joy as we share with others.  We give back to God as we receive wealth from His hand.
  9. Our words are to be encouraging, in order to build up the body of Christ and to glorify God.
  10. In our relationships, it is far better to be interested than to be interesting.
  11. A word fitly spoken is an encouragement, and can have life-changing impact.  Administer your words with care and precision, at the right time.
  12. When we believe in Christ we receive the Holy Spirit of promise. But our communion is broken when we grieve the Spirit.
  13. We experience doubts, fears and anxieties when we grieve the Spirit by sin in our lives.
  14. We live in an angry society where it is common to observe bitterness, volatile tempers, and angry outbursts.
  15. The power to maintain alignment of our position in Christ with our behavior is found in Christ, who is the fragrant sacrifice to God.
  16. We’re not only sinners saved by grace but we are also children of God.
  17. We’re to meditate on Christ and become like Him. As we gaze on Christ we will be transformed into His glorious likeness.
  18. The Father sent Christ, the dearest object of His love, that He might bear the wrath of God for us.
  19. Those under the blood of Christ do not need to bear the intense wrath of God against their sin.

Application Questions:

  1. Identify several deeds of the flesh that must be replaced to align our behaviour with who we are in Christ.
  2. How can we find power to align our behaviour with our position in Christ?
  3. Are we tender toward the neglect of God’s Word and carelessness toward His holiness?
  4. Do my words build up others or do they tear down?
  5. How can we be busy and productive so that we might share with those in need?
  6. Do our conversations demonstrate genuine interest in others? Do we truly care about our friend, co-worker or neighbour?