Psalm 1

January 18, 2009  |  Joe Boot
The Bible's message is simple but profound. True happiness is possible but seems elusive because people seek it in the wrong way. Happiness pursued apart from the way that God has directed is man-centered and futile. Happiness is found in the law of God, in avoiding the path of sin; it is the indirect result of holiness.
Scripture: Psalm 1

The Family and the Kingdom - Education

January 11, 2009  |  Joe Boot
Throughout the world, education always seeks to impart the overarching values of the culture to the student. Religious neutrality in education is a myth. The call upon the Christian church in our day is the same one taken up by the early church: to redeem and transform a decaying culture through the educational mandate and redeem education for Christ through re-establishing the truly Christian school.

The Family and the Kingdom - Overview

January 4, 2009  |  Joe Boot
The family is God's basic institution, and the church is God's family, of which Christ is head. The true and only source of power in life is the Holy Spirit, and His power manifest in a life of obedience to the gospel of God. As we are transformed by a full-orbed gospel, our families, and thereby the church, will be transformed and prepared to engage culture at every level.

The Return of the King

December 28, 2008  |  Scott Masson
The entire Bible centers around the plot line of the 'return of the King' in fulfillment of the words spoken by the Lord to the serpent after the fall of mankind in Genesis 3:15.
Topic: Theology
Scripture: Matthew 1

Truth Has Sprung From the Earth

December 21, 2008  |  Joe Boot
If we will turn in love to Christ, we can have peace: peace within, peace with God, and His indwelling power to make peace with others.
Topic: Salvation
Scripture: Psalm 85:10-13

Unwrapping the Meaning of the Season

December 7, 2008  |  Joe Boot
At Christmas we remember, celebrate, commemorate and proclaim the birth of the Christ child, the savior and deliverer of the world. Our creator has become our brother.
Topic: Salvation
Scripture: Isaiah 9:6-7

The Word of Life and Light

November 30, 2008  |  Joe Boot

The nonbeliever must deny the infallible God in order to remain his own god, defining right and wrong and truth from falsehood for himself.

Scripture: John 1:1-18

The All-Personal Word

November 23, 2008  |  Joe Boot
Because of our moral rebellion against God, since the Fall, men and women have sought to establish their own word, their own truth outside of God.
Scripture: John 1:1-18

The Creative All-conditioning Word

November 17, 2008  |  Joe Boot

Christ establishes his new covenant community, where fellowship, communication and the meaning of all things is in and through the Word of life.

Scripture: John 1:1-18