Are You For Real?

Are You For Real?

February 11, 2018  |  David Robinson

A portrait of the immature Corinthian believers. They thought they were mature but the Apostle Paul shows them that they are mostly talk.

This Day and That Day

This Day and That Day

February 4, 2018  |  Russ Hiebert
Martin Luther once said, There are only two days on my calendar, this day and that day. The idea that life could be distilled down to two things is compelling. What is it about that day that can bring such focus to life.
Are you a Spiritual Person?

Are you a Spiritual Person?

January 28, 2018  |  David Robinson

The term "spiritual" is a flimsy-floppy word and means all kinds of things to different people. In this passage the Apostle Paul tells us what it really means.

True Nobility

True Nobility

January 21, 2018  |  Joe Boot

Paul contrasts why one group of people sees the gospel as foolishness and why some see it as the power of God.

Called into the Fellowship of God's Son

Called into the Fellowship of God's Son

January 14, 2018  |  David Robinson

There is a danger of thinking that at least we aren't as bad as others, the Corinthian believers thought that as well. Paul calls them, and us, to repentance and to unity in Christ.

What Do You Expect

January 7, 2018  |  David Robinson
Haggai calls us to consider who we are, to consider God's presence, and to consider God's promised blessing.
Topic: Covenant
Scripture: Haggai 2

Homes, Hills and the House of the Lord

December 31, 2017  |  Russ Hiebert
When Haggai rebukes the people, he refers to three places, or spheres of work, where the people can apply themselves to: homes; hills; and the House of the Lord.
Scripture: Haggai 1

Grace upon Grace

December 24, 2017  |  David Robinson

John calls us into a deeper contemplation of the significance of the incarnation. The baby in a manger was a sign of God's cosmic and eternal purpose.

Children of Light

December 17, 2017  |  Joe Boot
As children of God we are not alone for we belong to the family of God. We are part of a story that is bigger than ourselves.

The Light of the World

December 10, 2017  |  Joe Boot

The light of Christmas allows us to see things as they really are, to appreciate truth and beauty, and to be freed from sin and death.