Meditation and Subjection

February 3, 2013  |  David Robinson

We are not merely to speak against certain issues; we are seeking to be like Christ and to point people to Christ.  We are to restore the garden of Eden in the world around us, working and keeping our "gardens."

The Servants of the King

January 27, 2013  |  Joe Boot
As Christians we have inherited Christ's great name, and we're His heirs. As we take Christ's name, we inherit all that is His.

The Mandate

January 20, 2013  |  Joe Boot
There is no such thing as progressive Christians; they are not Christians. Christ remains the same, so there is no progress to be made in morality or the doctrine of Christ.

The Gift of the Groom

January 13, 2013  |  David Robinson

If you drink what Christ offers, you will become a spring, overflowing to the blessing of others.

The Fathers' Perspectives

December 23, 2012  |  Scott Masson
God's character is publicly slandered because of man's choices: “If God is good, why is the world so bad?”
Topic: History
Scripture: Matthew 1

The Angel's Perspective - Peace and Glory

December 16, 2012  |  Joe Boot
Wherever the gospel message is declared today, God's angels (angelos = messengers) speak.
Topic: History
Scripture: Luke 2:1-20

Mary's Perspective - My Soul Magnifies the Lord

December 2, 2012  |  David Robinson
Gabriel's call on Mary is not an offer; it's a pronouncement of God's sure plan and intention concerning her life.

Head Over All Things

November 25, 2012  |  Joe Boot
The Church is a kingly priesthood and we are to represent Christ wherever we are, in whatever endeavours.

The Prophetic Role of the Church

November 18, 2012  |  Scott Masson
As prophets we are to work out and apply the Word of God to the world around us, exalting Christ's righteousness.

The Church and Our Conflict

November 11, 2012  |  Joe Boot
We want to be our own gods, create our own reality and control it, as seen in pornography, reality TV, cyberspace social networks, positive thinking, fiat money, and salvation by technology.