Articles in Justice/Compassion


Justice, Race and Revolution

by Joe Boot

July 6, 2020

Only the gospel of the kingdom that announces jubilee in Jesus Christ is able to bring reconciliation where oppression, hatred or resentment, conflict and acts of vengeance between peoples once reigned.


What is Black Liberation Theology?

by Samuel Sey

June 8, 2020

Samuel Sey introduces Black Liberation Theology and demonstrates that it is a form of the liberal social gospel that has risen to prominence in recent years hand in hand with prominent race-based movements like Black Lives Matter.


GUEST BLOG: The Numbers Speak for Themselves

by Pat Fagan and Rob Schwarzwalder

June 11, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to poverty relief, conservative Christian groups are among the most active in the world. 

This entry was originally posted at Religion News Service. Reprinted by permission