Politics, the Gospel, and Bill C6

by Joe Boot and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

October 7, 2020

Bill C6 is an attempt to destroy creational normativity and marriage, which are rooted in the triune nature of God.
It undermines the very idea of God’s self-revelation. It strikes at the heart of the gospel.


Sphere Sovereignty, Fundamental Freedoms & COVID-19

by Andre Schutten and Derek Ross and Joe Boot

May 8, 2020

Joe Boot and legal scholar and executive director of the Christian Legal Fellowship Derek Ross, join ARPA’s Andre Schutten in conversation about the impacts of government regulations on fundamental freedoms and how we can evaluate that through a lens of sphere sovereignty.


Coronavirus: What are we Dealing With?

by Joe Boot and Peter Saunders and Ted Fenske

April 3, 2020

Joe Boot, EICC Fellow Dr. Ted Fenske, and Dr. Peter Saunders, address the current social and healthcare implications of the COVID19 crisis, touching on how to think about models and projections, the holistic human cost of present measures, and how social isolation is a privilege.


COVID Calamity: When the Cure is Worse than the Disease

by Joe Boot

March 27, 2020

Joe Boot speaks out on the cause, implications and fallout of the COVID19 outbreak and response.


Government According to the Gospel

by Jonathan Burnside

December 20, 2019

EICC Fellow Jonathan Burnside explains the blessings of following God's law that accrue to a nation.


The Enduring Authority of Biblical Law

by Jonathan Burnside and Ryan Eras

August 16, 2019

EICC Fellow Dr. Jonathan Burnside talks about law, authority, and wisdom, and how each of these are eminently embodied in Jesus.


Babies are Still Murdered Here

by Marcus Pittman and Ryan Eras

January 11, 2019 | Exodus 21

Filmmaker Marcus Pittman discusses the documentary Babies are Murdered Here, the power of film, and encourages Christians to work to change current abortion legislation.


Whatever happened to the fearless priesthood?

by Joe Boot

July 27, 2018 | 1 Peter 2:9

The Christian's priestly calling is a grand and noble identity to mediate the blessings of God to the world.


Christ the Law-Giver & Law-Keeper

by Joe Boot

September 7, 2017 | Matthew 5:17-19

As we reflect on the significance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation – which helped recover the importance of revealed law for both the church and culture – the church in our time needs to return to a robust gospel vision that embraces the law of God as Christ and the apostles themselves embraced and applied it.


Law and Gospel in Puritan Thought

by Joe Boot

July 10, 2017

For most of Western history, the law of God has occupied a critical and central place in the life of the family, church, and society. It has been recognized by many as God's charter for sanctification, justice, liberty and life.


Mission of God

by Joe Boot

April 20, 2016

The Mission of God is a clarion call for Christians and God's church to awaken and recover a full-orbed gospel and comprehensive faith that recognizes and applies the salvation-victory and lordship of Jesus Christ to all creation: from the family, to education, evangelism, law, church, state and every other sphere.


Why Then the Law?

by David Robinson

October 11, 2015 | Galatians 3:10-26

Paul explains to the Galatians the distinction between grace and law and in doing so shows them why the Law was given in the first place, and how it prepares people for the Gospel and serves the goals of the Gospel.