Understanding Virtual Reality
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Understanding Virtual Reality

April 27, 2017  |  Steven Martins

Virtual Reality technology is positioning itself as the next frontier in technology, across a range of industries. How do we understand this technology as a cultural product, with its attendant risks and advantages?

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When Science and Faith Collide

January 6, 2016  |  Steven Martins

The popular idea of conflict between science and religion is a false dilemma; at root is the question of worldview and authority.

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The Science of Faith and the Faith of Science

February 28, 2015  |  Joe Boot

Worship includes the use of our minds. A Christian cosmology maintains that the laws of nature are only laws because they are God's ordinary way of working. There is no conflict inherent between science and religion.

Can Science Determine Human Values?

Can Science Determine Human Values?

June 19, 2014  |  Joe Boot

Joe Boot discusses whether the methods of science can provide values for humanity and offers a critique of Sam Harris.

The Colour of Death and the Law of Life

The Colour of Death and the Law of Life

May 1, 2014  |  Joe Boot, Mark Musser, and Michael J. Oard

Rejecting the apocalyptic predictions and pseudo-science of the popular media does not mean a commitment to a misuse of God's creation - on the contrary. In Christ, we become God's redeemed gardeners, tilling and tending all things, turning creation into a culture to the glory of God.

The Revelation of God in Creation

February 8, 2014  |  Joe Boot

The creative act of God recorded in Genesis lays out the literal meaning for the rest of the Bible. In the Christian worldview, creation and redemption stand in an absolute historical continuum together. A proper understanding of God's revelation in creation requires a proper understanding of his Word which interprets the world.

The Meaning of Evolution

February 7, 2014  |  Joe Boot

Evolution is a worldview which affects how we think about every area: pyschology, human morality, history and literature. Joe Boot discusses how the popular form of this idea arose and how it stands at odds with a biblical understanding of the world.

Christianity and Science

May 26, 2012  |  Joe Boot
The third installment of the material originally delivered at Belleville Worldview Conference, May 26, 2012. Joe Boot discusses the foundational beliefs and commitments required for a coherent understanding of science and scientific knowledge.
Health and Salvation

Health and Salvation

April 1, 2012  |  Carlisle J. Percival, David Robinson, Jennifer Forbes, Joe Boot, and Randall Currie

Medicine cannot save an unregenerate heart. Christ is the Great Physician, who restores sinners spiritually and bodily. And He is the Lawgiver, providing the foundation for medical ethics.

Article (Jubilee Journal)

The Descent of Darwin: Evolution in Religious Worldviews

April 1, 2010  |  Joe Boot

Examination of the origins of The Origin of Species demonstrates that evolutionary theory is neither original to Darwin, nor primarily the product of scientific observations. Darwin sought reasons to reject the scriptural doctrines of God and creation, and found them in Enlightenment deism. Ultimately, evolution is a thoroughly religious worldview.