Sermons in The Church


Our Living Hope

by David Robinson

March 22, 2020

Peter blesses God for the hope of an eternal inheritance and also for his testing and proving of our faith in the midst of trials which is for our good, turning us toward him and resulting in joy.


Stand Firm in the Lord

by Joe Boot

October 13, 2019 | 1 Thessalonians 3:6-13

Paul's worries about the difficulties the young church in Thessalonica faced are relieved by Timothy's report of their great faith and love which gives Paul himself great encouragement amidst his own difficulties.


Entrusted with the Gospel

by Russ Hiebert

September 22, 2019 | 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12

When it comes to spreading the message of the Gospel, how that message is lived out in the lives of God's people and presented to the world is as important as the message itself.


Faith, Love and Hope in Our Lord Jesus Christ

by David Robinson

September 8, 2019 | 1 Thessalonians 1:1-3

1 Thessalonians is particularly relevant to the Church today as Paul wrote this letter to encourage and exort a church in the midst of temptation and tribulation in a major city.


Our Fellowship in the Lord

by David Robinson

November 25, 2018 | Colossians 4:7-18

Paul’s updates and greetings from various people in these final verses of Colossians presents us with a portrait of our fellowship in the Lord, which is a fellowship of love and faithful service.


Paul’s Prayer for the Church

by David Robinson

September 9, 2018 | Colossians 1:9-14

Paul's prayer here is modeling for us how we ought to pray for one another


Unity in Diversity

by Russ Hiebert

May 13, 2018 | 1 Corinthians 12:12-30

Paul describes how unity in the Church comes from the diversity of its members.


Called into the Fellowship of God’s Son

by David Robinson

January 14, 2018 | 1 Corinthians 1:1-17

There is a danger of thinking that at least we aren't as bad as others, the Corinthian believers thought that as well. Paul calls them, and us, to repentance and to unity in Christ.


Church Growth

by David Robinson

July 9, 2017 | Ephesians 4:7-13

Every part of the body needs to function properly for the body to be healthy and capable. Love loosens the joints in the body motivating us to take action and to serve the church.


Gospel Hospitality

by Russ Hiebert

April 30, 2017 | Proverbs 24:3-12

To practice hospitality as Jesus did we need to minister to both the spiritual and the physical needs of the whole person. We can only do this by hearing God's call upon our own lives and acting in the resurrection power of Christ.


A Covenant Community for the City: Part 2

by David Robinson

September 11, 2016 | Acts 2:40-47; Titus 2:11-14

God has blessed us abundantly and we are in turn to bless one another and to bless the city. We are to live in such a way that people observe the hope within us and ask us about it.


A Covenant Community for the City: Part 1

by David Robinson

September 4, 2016 | Acts 2:40-47

A healthy church is one which follows the biblical model and not merely one which exhibits sound institutional management. The early Church in Acts 2 gives us four important congregational activities to reflect upon and challenge us.