Church and Culture Pastors' Colloquium

What is the biblical role of the church and the state in society?

Churches and other ministries have been forced to examine their core convictions in this season of Covid-related social and cultural upheaval. How do biblical principles such as 'loving our neighbour' translate to faithful shepherding of our congregation in such a time as this? How do we equip the church to be uncompromising yet loving, as we engage culture?

This five-day program hosted by the Ezra Institute is an opportunity to connect with other church leaders and consider how to consistently apply the abiding truth of God to a culture easily swayed by slogans and personalities.

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Join us at the Ezra Institute's beautiful 24-acre farmstead, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Niagara Escarpment and overlooking Lake Ontario, as we consider topics like:

The Relationship of Church, State, and Family
Recovering a Christian Mind
Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality
The Church's Role in Education

Church Discipline
Pastoral Counselling & Biblical Worldview
and more...

We hope you will join us in 2022!


Program Costs


                    $600 - shared room

                    $850 - couple (dorm room)

                    $1000 - couple (queen room)

                    $500 - commuter