H. Evan Runner International Academy

The H. Evan Runner International Academy is a two-week summer residential training program hosted by the Ezra Institute.

The H. Evan Runner International Academy is the Ezra Institute's most comprehensive program. For successful applicants, this program is designed to train and equip the next generation of cultural leaders to understand their lives and the world through the lens of God's Word.

At the Academy, we seek to accurately understand the culture and offer tools to retrieve the lost riches of Christian wisdom, to understand the truth, freedom, and beauty of the full scope of the gospel of Jesus, and to provide an environment that stimulates creative discussion for engaging with and shaping culture to the glory of God.

"The most fundamental and urgent battle of our time…is a struggle for the religious direction of human society in its totality. The battle of our time is to determine which spirit is to possess our hearts and give direction to our civilization."

- H. Evan Runner

The H. Evan Runner International Academy brings together faculty and delegates from around the world for an intensive two-week residential program.

We hope you will join us in 2022!

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Dates for the H. Evan Runner International Academy:

June 10th - 22nd


Golden, British Columbia, Canada


H. Evan Runner International Academy faculty members are men and women with a reputation for godliness and academic excellence, as well as insight and experience in the work of cultural transformation. They are apologists, philosophers, theologians, physicians, educators, business leaders, pastors, authors, artists, and lawyers.

Our speaker list for 2022 soon to be announced.



Runner Academy delegates are students and young professionals in fields such as politics, medicine, law, education, theology, philosophy, business, science and technology and the various arts. It is in these areas that the cultural struggle is most vividly brought to light.

Delegates will live, work, eat, pray, study and discuss the topics together throughout the program. Each day consists of morning prayer and worship, lectures, group discussion, time allocated for farming and conservation activities on the property, communal meals, free time or leisure activities and space for quiet reading and reflection.

By providing training in a thoroughly biblical worldview, the Runner Academy will help to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders to formulate, articulate and credibly defend a truly scriptural view of life as the sole source of truth, freedom and beauty, shaping the future to the glory of God.