Climate, Covid, and the Cultural Crisis

Fall 2021 | Grimsby, Ontario

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, we have postponed the 2021 Mission of God conference until the fall.

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How should Christians think about the government’s Covid-related measures, and what is the connection between these recent actions and the broader issue of climate policy? How are our present circumstances similar to – and different from – historic world crises? What are the social, spiritual, economic, and health implications? And what is a biblical response?

The world Covid crisis has spread division through all areas of life, and the church has been no exception. When mankind sinned, the earth was cursed, bringing struggle, disease, and death into the world. In spite of this, the Lord commanded mankind to fill and subdue the earth, turning the raw material of creation into a God-glorifying culture. How do we faithfully apply this command in our current crisis?

At the Mission of God Conference, Saturday, June 5, 2021, join Dr. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, and Rev. Dr. Joe Boot of the Ezra Institute as we pursue a God-honouring answer to these questions, and explore the biblical and traditional approaches to a wholly integrated Christian life.

Conference Details


Ezra Institute Centre for Reformational Culture
76 Ridge Road West
Grimsby, ON
L3M 4E7


9:00 - Registration Opens

10:00 - Welcome and Introductory Address

10:30 - Lecture #1: Calvin Beisner: Climate, Covid, and the Cultural Crisis (followed by Q&A)

12:00 - Lunch

1:15 - Lecture #2: Calvin Beisner: The Current State of Science

2:15 - Break

2:45 - Lecture #3 – Joe Boot: Law, Life, and Liberty: a Christian Response to our Cultural Crisis

3:45 -  Q&A Panel with Joe Boot and Calvin Beisner

5:00 -  BBQ Dinner

Speaker Bios

Dr. Calvin Beisner

Ph. D.

Dr. Beisner is Founder and National Spokesman of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, a network of over 60 Christian theologians, natural scientists, economists, and other scholars educating for Biblical earth stewardship, economic development for the poor, and the proclamation and defense of the good news of salvation by God’s grace, received through faith in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. His early childhood in Calcutta, India, where he observed both the beauties of God’s creation and the tragedies of poverty, informed his later concerns for caring for both the natural world and the poor.


Rev. Dr. Joseph Boot

M.A., Ph. D.

Joe Boot is a Christian thinker, cultural apologist/philosopher, and founder of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity, a worldview training organization and think-tank in Grimsby, Ontario. He is also the founding pastor of Westminster Chapel and founder of Westminster Classical Christian Academy, both in Toronto. Joe has spoken, debated and guest lectured globally and writes on cultural philosophy and theology exploring the biblical worldview as it relates to the Christian’s mission in the world. His most recent contributions to scriptural cultural philosophy include Mission of God, Gospel Culture and Gospel Witness.