The Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Founded by Rev. Dr. Joseph Boot in 2009, the EICC is a confessional evangelical organization committed to the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ as contained in the ecumenical creeds of the church and the totality of biblical revelation.  The gospel of the kingdom, resting upon Christ’s declaration of Jubilee, is all-encompassing in scope, impacting every area of life and thought.  Regarding this comprehensive truth of full-salvation, Jesus declared, “if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed.”  Because the gospel brings true freedom, the EICC is dedicated to two great objects. First, the advancement and preservation of the truth, freedom and beauty of the gospel, and second, the renewal of culture in terms of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

One of the greatest evangelical leaders, the English reformer William Wilberforce, pointed to what he called the “grossly fallacious assumption, that a man’s opinions will not influence his practice.”  Because ideas have far-reaching consequences, the EICC aims at recovering a distinctly biblical system of thought and practice for socio-cultural life, so that Christ’s kingdom will be extended as leaven through a loaf in every sphere of society.

The task of gospel-centred cultural reclamation is an urgent necessity because the organs and institutions of modern culture have been thoroughly saturated by humanistic and pagan assumptions.  These pretensions have steadily redefined intellectual, social, familial, sexual and ethical norms, unleashing real evil and enslaving Western society in a radical opposition to Christ and the freedom brought by the gospel.  Concurrent with the decline of a biblical family pattern – from the school, academy and courthouse, to senates, parliaments and palaces – the Christian faith is being systematically expunged from public life and ignored or assaulted in our corridors of learning and power.  If we love the gospel, our neighbor and freedom, Christians must take up the cultural task with faith and courage.

The church has not escaped the influence of resurgent humanism and paganism in our society and has too often been complicit in advancing, by silence or surrender, slavery to sin; thereby enabling unrighteous laws, godless education, sinful structures and evil practices to persist.  Theological compromise along with a growing syncretistic urge has led to the privatization and truncation of the gospel so that the witness of the church to the world-renewing reign of Christ and His kingdom has been largely eclipsed.  The result has been a radical de-Christianization of culture and the predictable decline of our civilization.  This has brought the Western world to a widely-acknowledged point of existential confusion and socio-political crisis.

In response, the EICC is committed to bringing a comprehensive gospel to bear on all of life, challenging and serving culture-shapers in all spheres, resourcing and equipping Christian leaders and professionals in public life, and teaching all thinking believers to understand and advance the truth, beauty and freedom of the gospel in all its varied implications.  By encouraging and intellectually resourcing Christian engagement with culture, we believe that biblical truth will once again captivate hearts and minds, and shape our future to the glory of God (Phil. 1:7; Col. 1:15-20).