Democracy and the Future of Conservatism

by Joe Boot and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

October 28, 2020

On this week’s episode of Worldview Wednesday, Joe Boot discusses the growing disillusionment with contemporary conservatism, and offers some principles for thinking about the voting booth.


Lockdown, Identity, and the Purpose of Work

by Nathan Oblak and Russ Hiebert and Ryan Eras

October 21, 2020

Russ Hiebert joins us this Worldview Wednesday during our Worldview and the Marketplace Program to talk about the purpose of work, and how we ought to pursue it to the glory of God and to provide rest for others. Music graciously provided by Jacob Moon.


Magna Carta, Freedom, and the Poor

by Joe Boot and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

October 14, 2020

How do we balance liberty and risk, and what are the biblical principles that apply even in the face of traumatic circumstances?


Politics, the Gospel, and Bill C6

by Joe Boot and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

October 7, 2020

Bill C6 is an attempt to destroy creational normativity and marriage, which are rooted in the triune nature of God.
It undermines the very idea of God’s self-revelation. It strikes at the heart of the gospel.


The Niagara 2020 Declaration

by Joe Boot and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

September 30, 2020

Explaining why a free church is good for all of society, and introducing the Niagara Declaration on the liberties of the church in Canada and the circumstances that prompted its drafting.


The Church in Lockdown, Part 2

by Joe Boot and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

September 22, 2020

As civil authorities seek to control an increasing number of societal roles and functions, what is the Christian’s responsibility in a democratic society? How do the church and family provide a meaningful check to an excess of state power?


The Church in Lockdown, part 1

by Joe Boot and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

September 16, 2020

What is the distinct nature and calling of the church and its role in society, and what is the responsibility and the historic response of Christians and pastors in times of widespread illness?


The Church Needs to Meet

by Andrew Sandlin

August 4, 2020

Andrew Sandlin discusses the order to suspend church services, John MacArthur, and the calling of the church to gather together. He explains the responsibility of Christians to punch back at God-hating evil wherever we find it, and the spiritual powers and authorities that are active in the world.


Sphere Sovereignty, the Individual, and the Church

by Joe Boot

July 10, 2020

Joe Boot sits down with the hosts of the Six Cents Report to discuss Totalitarianism, Church, and Sphere Sovereignty, as well as the Reopen Churches campaign.


A Return to Faithful Living

by Joe Boot

June 12, 2020

Joe Boot joins the team at Redeemer Broadcasting to introduce the work of the Ezra Institute, how our culture came to be overly reliant on self-described experts, and the program for a cultural return to faithfulness.


Worldview Commitments and the History of Philosophy

by Joe Boot

June 5, 2020

Fellow Danie Strauss joins us for a special interview with Joe Boot and outlines his own intellectual history, the history and origins of philosophy, and the basis of a worldview.


Coronavirus: What are we Dealing With?

by Joe Boot and Peter Saunders and Ted Fenske

April 3, 2020

Joe Boot, EICC Fellow Dr. Ted Fenske, and Dr. Peter Saunders, address the current social and healthcare implications of the COVID19 crisis, touching on how to think about models and projections, the holistic human cost of present measures, and how social isolation is a privilege.