A Call to Divine Obedience

by Aaron Rock

November 27, 2020

Incarnational ministry is fundamental to human health and spiritual well-being. We cannot afford to draw back from all risk or we will lose the very thing we fight for: life and liberty.


On the Brink: The Criminalization of Christianity in Canada

by Joe Boot

September 28, 2020

If we would be free of overreaching state interference, we must speak up now, before historic freedoms are legislated out of existence.


The Omnipotence of the Utopian Godhead

by Joe Boot

September 22, 2020

In the previous article I discussed how a necessary tenet of the doctrine of God – or any God-substitute – is unity. God cannot be divided against Himself, and anything trying to take the place of God must counterfeit this unity. A second necessary aspect to any doctrine of God is omnipotence. Clearly, if God […]


A New Doctrine of God: The Unity of the Utopian Godhead

by Joe Boot

September 9, 2020

Both the doctrine of God and the kingdom of God are inescapable categories. Satanically inspired utopian thought cannot remove them, so it must counterfeit them.


The Makings of the Utopian Power State

by Joe Boot

September 2, 2020

Man in a world without God has an insatiable desire for control, rooted in the hope that man can be liberated from unpredictability into the true freedom of necessity.


Freedom, the Church and State Absolutism

by Joe Boot

July 15, 2020 | Romans 

What is the biblical relationship between church and state, and what should biblical law look like in a new covenant world?


Justice, Race and Revolution

by Joe Boot

July 6, 2020

Only the gospel of the kingdom that announces jubilee in Jesus Christ is able to bring reconciliation where oppression, hatred or resentment, conflict and acts of vengeance between peoples once reigned.


What is Black Liberation Theology?

by Samuel Sey

June 8, 2020

Samuel Sey introduces Black Liberation Theology and demonstrates that it is a form of the liberal social gospel that has risen to prominence in recent years hand in hand with prominent race-based movements like Black Lives Matter.


The Way is Shut: Evangelical Compromise and the Illusion of Virtual Church

by Joe Boot

May 29, 2020

The apostle Paul speaks of the church as a vital body, a chosen family, a temple of living stones and as a betrothed bride. These images reinforce the importance of physical meeting.


The Cult of the Expert

by Joe Boot

April 25, 2020

The tendency of intellectuals to pronounce on areas outside of their expertise is an unwise temptation that carries real-world consequences.


COVID19 Update

by Joe Boot

April 20, 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters, I pray this letter finds you well and in good heart despite the present challenging and difficult circumstances.  It is a joy to be able to trust that whatever comes our way, ‘We know that the Lord gives victory to His anointed’ (Ps. 20: 6).  Christ is still upon the throne. […]


COVID Calamity: When the Cure is Worse than the Disease

by Joe Boot

March 27, 2020

Joe Boot speaks out on the cause, implications and fallout of the COVID19 outbreak and response.