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In Thankfulness for Ravi Zacharias

by Joe Boot

May 21, 2020

This week (May 19) saw the sudden passing of one of the most important and significant evangelists of the last half-century, Ravi Zacharias, at just 74 years of age. Ravi’s battle with a rare and aggressive cancer was very brief, being diagnosed in March this year, just a few months after stepping down as president […]


Appeasement, Compromise and Silence in a D-Day for the Church

by Joe Boot

June 10, 2019

History has smiled with gratitude on the heroes of Normandy. How will history judge the church of our generation in a time of cultural conflict? In the D-Day of the Western church, what will be God’s verdict?


Pride and Political Coercion: The Collapse of Freedom in the Centenary year of WWI

by Joe Boot

December 4, 2018

100 years after WWI, remember the hard-won freedoms our ancestors fought for, and pray for courage to confront a world that is hostile to the gospel.


Life IS Religion

by Joe Boot

October 23, 2018

By affirming religious relativism, whilst declaring itself non-religious, secularism brilliantly enthroned itself as the ultimate religious principle. The biblical term for this is Idolatry.


Whatever happened to the fearless priesthood?

by Joe Boot

July 27, 2018 | 1 Peter 2:9

The Christian's priestly calling is a grand and noble identity to mediate the blessings of God to the world.


Who do you Say that I Am?

by Jeffery Ventrella

July 10, 2018 | John 14:6

Language is given by God, to be used in conveying truth. Preferred personal pronouns seek to undermine God's created reality and affirms sin and rebellion.


Jordan Peterson, Jung, and Hope for the Faint-Hearted

by Peter Jones

June 12, 2018 | Psalms 96:5

Much of what Jordan Peterson says is very Christian friendly, but his coherence breaks down when he finds inspiration in Carl Jung, one of the most powerful creators of todays post-Christian, neo-pagan culture.


Obedience is Green

by Joe Boot

June 4, 2018 | Genesis 1:26-28

Obedience to God's laws and norms is a matter of real-world significance. This is true for agriculture and every other type of cultural pursuit.


What is Cultural Marxism?

by Andrew Sandlin

April 23, 2018

Cultural Marxism is one of those phrases that we use a lot; but for those who don't have the leisure to study this material, how do we understand this term? Andrew Sandlin explains the origins, nature, and insidious implications of this worldview that has been in ascendance in the modern West.


Jesus Christ’s Finished Work Finishes Off Satan and Sin

by Andrew Sandlin

April 1, 2018 | Hebrews 1:8-13

Jesus Christ's death was itself an exaltation and victory the Son of Man lifted up to draw the sinful world to him, and victory over the forces of Satan and sin and hell.


God Was in Christ Reconciling

by Andrew Sandlin

March 29, 2018 | 2 Corinthians 5:19

Our Lord's death isn't just a work of the members of the Trinity all working together but also as the person, the single living God, saving us.

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The Office of the Evangelist: Remembering Billy Graham

by Joe Boot

February 27, 2018

Billy Graham leaves behind a legacy of faithfully proclaiming salvation in Jesus. His evangelistic zeal and personal integrity highlight the biblical office of the evangelist.