Mission of God

A Manifesto of Hope

By Joe Boot / April 1, 2014

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What is the kingdom of God and how does it manifest itself? Does the church have a future in history? What is the relationship between faith and public morality and policy? What should be the relationship between church and state? Is religious pluralism a workable paradigm? Are Christians called to transform cultures? In short, what is the mission of God and what part do we have to play?

These questions have become increasingly pertinent for Christians today, especially in the Western world, because it is widely recognized that Western civilization is facing an epochal turning point. We have erroneously assumed that our social order could remain stable and flourish without its foundation of God’s Word for private and public life.

The Mission of God is an exhortation to halt our descent into pagan religion, economic decline, and social decay by rediscovering and returning to a robust biblical faith in the lordship of Christ for every area of life.


The Mission of God is a clarion call for Christians and God's church to awaken and recover a full-orbed gospel and comprehensive faith that recognizes and applies the salvation-victory and lordship of Jesus Christ to all creation: from the family, to education, evangelism, law, church, state and every other sphere.