Chapter 1

Hold Fast

March 7, 2010  |  Joe Boot

Wisdom is to face trials with steadfast faithfulness. In the biblical view, wisdom comes not from man's abstract reflection, but through God's word and the trials He sends.

The Crown of Life

March 14, 2010  |  Joe Boot

Double-mindedness in our theology leads to instability in every other area of our lives.

The Law of Liberty

March 21, 2010  |  Joe Boot

By His Word, God has brought us forth for the purpose of bearing fruit. There's nothing worse than bringing shame to the name of Christ by our moral hypocrisy.

Chapter 2

The Royal Law

April 11, 2010  |  Joe Boot
Many people believe we can distinguish love and law; however, love is the fulfilling of the law.

Faith and Works

April 18, 2010  |  Scott Masson
Christ does good things in us; we deny that we're in Christ if we don't do His good works.
What is Faith with Works?

What is Faith with Works?

December 5, 2016  |  Joe Boot

What did James mean when he said that faith without works is dead? What is the relationship between Christian belief and action?

Scripture: James 2:26

Chapter 3

Voyage to Victory

April 25, 2010  |  Joe Boot
Nothing is more lovely than a Christian whose conversation is filled with grace and truth.

Two Kinds of Wisdom

May 2, 2010  |  Joe Boot
Meekness does not mean weakness or resignation, but it is the harnessing of godly strength. We demonstrate our wisdom and godliness by meekness.

Chapter 4

The Real Holy War

May 9, 2010  |  Joe Boot

A holy war is underway in our lives and we are either on one side or the other. We are either aiding and abetting the enemy, or God.

This Mist of Life and the Will of God

May 16, 2010  |  Joe Boot

We don't merely preface our plans with "if the Lord wills" but we want embedded in our character the knowledge that our lives are under God's control.

Chapter 5

God's Righteous Judgments

May 30, 2010  |  Joe Boot
Patience means recognizing that there can be no peace without judgment.

Oaths and Anointings

June 6, 2010  |  Joe Boot
Light use of oaths is a declaration of independence from God.