He Must Increase but I Must Decrease

by Russ Hiebert

November 22, 2020 | John 3:22-36

The ministry of Jesus overlapped that of John the Baptist which caused some of John’s disciples to ask what should be done about it.


Born of the Spirit

by David Robinson

November 15, 2020 | John 2:23-3:21

Jesus drew Nicodemus out of the darkness of what he understood and told him that he must be born again.


Cleansing and Raising a Sanctuary

by Joe Boot

November 8, 2020 | John 2:12-25

The cleansing of the Temple was a warning of judgment as well as a prophetic witness to Jesus’ identity.


The First Sign of His Glory

by David Robinson

November 1, 2020 | John 2:1-11

Turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana was the first sign that reveals Jesus’s glory. The sign reveals his glory as the only Son from the Father and his glory as the Bridegroom of those who believe in him. He comes to us in this fallen and sinful world, he takes us to himself, and from […]


Come and See

by Russ Hiebert

October 25, 2020 | John 1:43-51

Our joy is far more impressive to those around us than what we preach or teach. John the Baptist joyfully exclaimed that Jesus, as he walked by, was the Lamb of God and immediately two of his own disciples left and followed Jesus. (Note: video is audio-only for first 3 minutes)


What Are You Seeking?

by David Robinson

October 18, 2020 | John 1:35-42

Jesus asked two of John the Baptist’s disciples when they began following him, “What are you seeking?” We who follow Christ ought to ask ourselves the same thing.


The Voice, the Sign and the Spirit

by Joe Boot

October 11, 2020 | John 1:19-34

John the Baptist came to know that Jesus was the Messiah by these three things: the voice, the sign and the Spirit.


Seeing His Glory and Receiving His Grace

by David Robinson

October 4, 2020 | John 1:6-18

When we believe in Jesus, we will see his glory and receive his grace.


Christ – The Foundation of our Confession

by Joe Boot

September 27, 2020 | John 1:1-5

In the first few verses of John’s Gospel, we are introduced to Christ as the root, as the word, as the light and as the life.


Let Us Hold Fast

by David Robinson

September 20, 2020 | Hebrews 10:19-25

Why is it we gather together in person on the Lord’s Day? and how will we press on together in faith, hope and love when the road ahead looks narrow and difficult?


Where Sin Increased, Grace Abounded

by Russ Hiebert

September 13, 2020 | 2 Samuel 24

This last chapter of 2 Samuel teaches us that God uses even Man’s failure to demonstrate his surpassing grace.


Fighting the Good Fight

by David Robinson

September 6, 2020 | 2 Samuel 23:8-39

As we read about King David’s mighty men who fought bravely in battle, we are reminded that all believers are enlisted in Christ’s service and called to fight for him.