Walk as Children of Light

By Russ Hiebert/ July 30, 2017

Series  Ephesians: All Things in Christ

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Discipleship

Scripture  Ephesians 5:3-14

To preserve the quality of our conversation, we're to fill our talk with thanksgiving. This raises the bar and keeps us from immoral conversation.

Sermon Notes:

  1. Today’s message divides into three points: Breaking a perverse partnership; Proving what is pleasing; and Penetrating the darkness.
  2. Paul calls the saints of God to avoid sexual sins, temptations to sexual sin, and entertaining strong desires toward immorality.
  3. We’re not to talk flippantly or to joke about sexual sin because such behavior implicitly forms a partnership with immoral people who argue that these sins are not serious.
  4. When we make light of their sin we support them in their idolatrous view of God.
  5. These people are idolaters because they make a God in their own image. They worship their own lust rather than God and they invent an idol who approves of their sin.
  6. To preserve the quality of our conversation, we’re to fill our talk with thanksgiving. This raises the bar and keeps us from immoral conversation.
  7. We are to walk in the light and to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. We do not only have a light to shine, but we are to be light in whatever places God has called us.
  8. We’re not to focus on discovering what is not revealed to us; rather we should do what God has commanded so that we can be pleasing to the Lord.
  9. To be light in the Lord we’re to live holy lives; but rather than present a false veneer of perfection, our vessels need to be broken so that our light can shine out.  As we live together in purity and honesty our light shines before the world.
  10. Penetrating the world’s darkness requires us to live in the light and to reprove the works of darkness.
  11. To live with people and to shine the light among others is the Christian’s calling. If we are asleep spiritually, we will have no redeeming effect on the world around us.
  12. Those who continue in sin will not inherit eternal life; Jesus says it is those who follow Him who will have eternal life (Jn. 10:27-28).
  13. If we continue in a life of immorality apart from a sense of guilt and despair, we are not children of God.
  14. Even true Christians can fall into serious sins, but they will feel conviction and guilt until they repent.
  15. If you are involved in sexual sin, repent; if you have fallen into an emotional affair, stop it; if you’re losing a battle with pornography, come to the light.  Now is the time to receive help, counsel, and forgiveness.

Application Questions:

  1. What does it mean that immorality, impurity and covetousness should not even be named among the saints?
  2. How does talking lightly about immorality or joking about sin support the world’s idolatrous view of God?
  3. Why is it wrong to present a mask of perfection toward the world in the Christian life?  How do our flaws and weaknesses emphasize God’s grace and strength?
  4. Do we incite discontent and envy in others by the way we portray our lives on social media?
  5. What are the consequences of living in sin without repentance?
  6. Is your life shining brightly and exposing the darkness?