Articles in Statism


A New Doctrine of God: The Unity of the Utopian Godhead

by Joe Boot

September 9, 2020

Both the doctrine of God and the kingdom of God are inescapable categories. Satanically inspired utopian thought cannot remove them, so it must counterfeit them.


What is Cultural Marxism?

by Andrew Sandlin

April 23, 2018

Cultural Marxism is one of those phrases that we use a lot; but for those who don't have the leisure to study this material, how do we understand this term? Andrew Sandlin explains the origins, nature, and insidious implications of this worldview that has been in ascendance in the modern West.


The Criminalization of Christianity Part 2

by Joe Boot

October 23, 2015

As historic liberties are increasingly denied to Christian individuals and churches, we must stand with Christ and with Scripture.


The Criminalization of Christianity

by Joe Boot

October 14, 2015

Recent legislation in the UK would introduce an unprecedented level of state control over the pulpit, ironically undercutting the same “British values” to which they appeal.