The Mosque and its Role in Society

May 26, 2017  |  Belteshazzar

More than a house of worship, the mosque has a critical and authoritative role in the cultural and political life of Muslims, with immediate social implications.

Topic: Culture


August 21, 2016  |  Joe Boot, Ryan Eras, Steven Martins, Tony Costa, Marvin Albert, and Belteshazzar

Islam has positioned itself as a correction and completion of Judaism and Christianity. However, Islam and the Quran are incompatible with Christian doctrine and the text of Scripture. The church must take the growth of Islam seriously; it is a movement and a worldview that is as political as it is religious, with significant implications for culture and society. As heralds of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are entrusted with delivering the good news of the gospel to Muslims, to declare freedom in Christ from slavery to sin, and to present Christ, not sinful man, as the sovereign King who rules justly and righteously.