Christ and Culture: Change, Challenge, Choice

November 12, 2011  |  Dennis Ignatius
In the midst of an era of exponential change and unprecedented challenges, Christians have an important choice to make.
Christ and Culture

Christ and Culture

October 15, 2011  |  Joe Boot, Dennis Ignatius, and Jeffery Ventrella

The Gospel of the Kingdom concerns our culture, which is quite essentially our state of being. This Gospel creates a new state of being by regeneration. Personal regneration is then followed by cultural regeneration, as the Gospel, like the mustard seed, grows and creates a society which spreads to impact all those around it as leaven transforms the whole loaf. Wherever God's children are faithful in preaching the gospel and applying God's truth to every area of life, cultures are re-created. We are God's new humanity in Jesus Christ, and wherever God's people are, by the power and mighty working of his Spirit, the culture of Christ inescapably flourishes around them.

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Pressing on to Know the Lord

November 14, 2010  |  Dennis Ignatius

The people who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.